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Touted as one of North America’s finest Greek restaurants

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The focus at Milos is always on finding the best the world has to offer: the best produce, the best wines, the best honey, the best yogurt, and above all, the best fish and seafood.

With that ethos in mind, we have gone to the edges of the world to find suppliers that meet our uncompromising standards of quality and uniqueness. Our years of extensive travel and research have been rewarded time and time again, with long-standing relationships and unparalleled foods.

When products are of such flawless quality, covering them up with sauces and forceful flavors is exactly what should not be done. Milos prides itself on the clarity of its food, following an edict of perfect simplicity, to preserve each ingredient’s distinct flavor and nutritional value.

Why interfere with what nature has already mastered?

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Milos the ‘real Greek’ yogurt

by Costas Spiliadis

Costas Spiliadis, also the proprietor of nearby Estiatorio Milos restaurant, has stocked Milos Café & Yogurt Bar with ingredients he uses at the restaurant, like Milos’s house olive oil, honeys, cheeses, even bringing in bagels from his hometown in Montreal; he sells them toasted, with cream cheese and lox.

But our ‘real’ draw is his ‘real Greek’ yogurt, which Spiliadis sources from a goat farmer in Dutchess County. When it arrives in our café, it’s ladled into organic cheesecloth and drained until it’s stand-a-spoon-in-it thick.

Sold in 6-ounce, 8-ounce and 12-ounce reusable containers, it begs for a side of Greek honey or spoon sweets (fruit that’s been preserved in massive amounts of syrup).

This is the best Greek news anyone’s heard in a long time & all ready to serve, deliver or takeout right here @Milos Café & Yogurt Bar!

Cava Spiliadis

The New Generation of the very finest premium estate Greek wines!

George Spiliadis, the founder of Cava Spiliadis knows Greek wines better than most sommeliers in the US. His passion is to bring the “new generation” of fine Greek wines to the US and Canada. He has identified five of the very best wine producers from Greece and decided to import them into the United States. What sets these estates apart is, well, everything. They are not driven by the commercial market, but rather a higher calling to actually improve Greek wines. Their mission is to re-invent the reputation of Greek viticulture and oenology.

Cava Spiliadis is the product of an inherited passion for food and wine passed from father to son. Cava Spiliadis owner George Spiliadis explains his company’s history searching out the best boutique wineries in Greece.

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Milos Motor Yacht

Milos Yacht, your very own Greek island

Step aboard Milos luxury motor yacht and discover Greece’s hospitality as it’s meant to be experienced — unpretentious in style, uncompromising in service. Cruise the mythic seas at 28 knots and explore Greece’s 6,000 islands. Countless smaller ports beckon — often just a rocky outcrop crowned by an unspoiled estiatório offering the rich bounty of local seas and vineyards. The visual feast is equally unforgettable, enhanced by Greece’s time-honored ingredients of sun and salt-flecked surf.

Experience unforgettable holidays aboard this luxurious yacht, surrender to your senses and let the different flavours of Greece seduce you.

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